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A seed which was sown more than 80 years ago by (Late) Shaikh Haji Khushi Muhammad in a remote village of Haroonabad, has grown by the grace of ALLAH (swt), with hard work and dedication to a healthy and strong tree. The H.K.M. Group started off as a small entity but has grown through the tides of time as an entity with a rich history, strong principles and a symbol of quality and unmatched standards.

HKM group was established in 1931 with its first office in Haroonabad by the name of “SHAIKH HAJI MUHAMMAD KHUSHI MUHAMMAD” the group now has its head office in Karachi since 1948 under the name of “HAJI KHUSHI MUHAMMAD & CO.”  It has been a long journey of progress and expansion from setting up a commercial outlet in 1952 by the name of “PUNJAB RICE AND GENERAL STORE” to establishing a highly equipped and most modern rice reprocessing unit in Karachi under name tag of “H.K.M. Industries” in 2001.

The H.K.M. Group’s main business is trading in rice and other food commodities including sesame seed, pulses, lentils etc. Due to its rich history the H.K.M. Group has got contacts throughout Pakistan, through which we can cater to any sort of needs in terms of exports and imports. Our diverse exposure and long standing relationships with organizations worldwide stands not only as a sign of our diverse experience, but also as a testimony to our commitment, integrity and trustworthiness.

(Late) Shaikh Haji Khushi Muhammad passed his high values of honesty; integrity and open heartedness to his children and to date these are being followed. These values form the foundations of this group.

The H.K.M. Group is very thankful to ALLAH (swt) and to all our customers, suppliers and even competitors in helping us reach the success and position where we stand today.

May Allah give us all the courage and strength to grow our business model and to contribute as a good corporate entity to make an example for all generations to come. Aameen.


Best Quality Commodities

Time Committed

100% Surety

Rate Guaranteed

100% International Standard

Good Quality Packing

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