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M/S Punjab Rice and General Store







Established in 1952 within the vicinity of jodia Bazaar Karachi, the company mainly deals in local trading and branding of commodities, with successful registered brands like WHITE ROSE, RED ROSE, BLACK ROSE and SURKHAB in basmati and Yellow Rose in parboiled category.

Strict quality control in processing and packing always gives a good product and a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer is an asset and a great achievement for the company.

Punjab Rice & General Store being one of the pioneers in rice trading in Karachi also has the great honor of being the company who introduced “BASMATI” rice in the local market of Karachi. The cooked samples were always presented to customers for taste and aroma test throughout the day. Having done this (Late) Shaikh Haji Khushi Muhammad sahib was a teaching and training centre for most of the current rice traders.

Punjab Rice & General Store was and still is one of the top 5 rice outlets in the metropolitan city of Karachi. Where once trams used to run and donkey and camel carts ruled the roads, every era of development to date has been the history of the company. The past of jodia bazaar is not known better to anyone other than Punjab Rice & General Store. The company is to the people as “THE HOUSE OF QUALITY RICE” from east to west and north to south even in the remotest areas of Karachi and known to most of the traders of Pakistan.

Having a full supply chain back in Punjab and Sindh we are grateful to almighty Allah (swt) for his blessings showered upon us and thankful to him for making us respected in all parts of business.

To justify our statement “THE HOUSE OF QUALITY RICE” we give full guarantee to our customers for any sort of objection they have. We are thankful to them for helping us in making our brands better and better day by day. By the grace of Allah we also have a huge customer base throughout the country.

We believe that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Satisfying customers, through quality and service since 1952, we believe that quantity without quality is of no use.



Best Quality Commodities

Time Committed

100% Surety

Rate Guaranteed

100% International Standard

Good Quality Packing

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